Blog Coming Down

Hi! This is Jenny Newport with the government. Due to the events that went down the night of the event The Founder of the ASU was calling the End Is Near, the ASU is being shut down. They are responsible for a number of disappearances that are now being looked into and their use of the Shadow World has been found to be unlawful. One Agent who was recovered was Agent 2, otherwise known as Oliver Hudson. Oliver argued that Agent 1, Layla Keeps saved Oliver’s life when The Founder ordered his death. However, Layla was arrested early this morning and Oliver was taken to the hospital to recover. What comes next is a mystery to us all and what happened that night may forever be a mystery.

Please Pay No Mind

Earlier today some of our agents received this letter and a group of photos-

Letter from 14 saying There are some thing they don't want you to know. If you seek the truth meet us tonight at the gateway

Please pay no mind to this. It is obviously someone impersonating Agent 14 to try and mess with your head. We all know number 14 is dead.

Remember: TheEndIsNear

Update From Our Leader

With 96’s condition, our Founder has decided to grace us with an update.

Please be sure to follow our Founder!

The Founder Takes to Twitter

After ensuing rumors about Agent 3, The Founder has taken to Twitter in order to update us all about important information. I’d advise you to follow him.

Also, The Founder apologizes for his grammar errors in the Tweet. He says he hates the fact that once published he has yet to figure out if there is a way to edit a Tweet. The Founder would appreciate any word about this.

Check-In Reminder

Please remember to check in tomorrow if you have been selected for the committee meeting. You will head straight to the office building to the left. As for you who weren’t selected, I’m sure your chance to meet The Founder will come soon enough.

Founding Day

It was in the year 2010 when The Founder was made aware of the rift and the danger it poses. He was one of the first to accidentally slip between worlds and when he returned, he dedicated his life to making sure the world, which he would later dub “The Shadow World,” was understood so none of us would ever have to face the horrors he faced.

He opened headquarters in Fredericksburg, VA, since that is where the rifts tend to open the most. Since 2011 headquarters have stood strong.

It was on February 5, 2011, that the ASU became official. Now the day is officially recognized as Founding Day. Every year the ASU throws a massive party. It is the only day of the year you see ASU officers letting down their hair and having a good time.

The Founder has said in the past while he doesn’t exactly approve of Founding Day, he accepts it. He says it is something for the agents to look forward to, to remind them what they are fighting for when they are cut off from the world so much of the time.