Agent 3’s Latest Trip

During their journey, Agent 3 investigated some of the diners in the Shadow World. What they found was a strange ad that would suggest that perhaps the Shadow World’s technology is behind our own? This will be investigated more as Agent 18 takes over the mission due to Agent 3 having a family emergency at home.

Remember: The End Is Near

3 Replies to “Agent 3’s Latest Trip”

  1. This changes things since we always figured it was their technology that opened the rift. Any theories about this Agent 2?

    1. So far only Agent 26 has a theory, but we all know how Agent 26 is. They won’t even visit this blog in fear everytime they go on the internet someone or something is tracking them. However, Agent 12 has a working idea, but needs time to fully form it. I will keep you and everyone else updated as new information comes to light

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