Founding Day

It was in the year 2010 when The Founder was made aware of the rift and the danger it poses. He was one of the first to accidentally slip between worlds and when he returned, he dedicated his life to making sure the world, which he would later dub “The Shadow World,” was understood so none of us would ever have to face the horrors he faced.

He opened headquarters in Fredericksburg, VA, since that is where the rifts tend to open the most. Since 2011 headquarters have stood strong.

It was on February 5, 2011, that the ASU became official. Now the day is officially recognized as Founding Day. Every year the ASU throws a massive party. It is the only day of the year you see ASU officers letting down their hair and having a good time.

The Founder has said in the past while he doesn’t exactly approve of Founding Day, he accepts it. He says it is something for the agents to look forward to, to remind them what they are fighting for when they are cut off from the world so much of the time.

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