Please Pay No Mind

Earlier today some of our agents received this letter and a group of photos-

Letter from 14 saying There are some thing they don't want you to know. If you seek the truth meet us tonight at the gateway

Please pay no mind to this. It is obviously someone impersonating Agent 14 to try and mess with your head. We all know number 14 is dead.

Remember: TheEndIsNear

14’s Footage

Due to recent events, The Founder has decided it is time to release the footage gathered by Agent 14 before his death. It has been viewed and approved by Agent 5 for your consumption. We thank you for your patience with us while we took the time to decide what was best for your future. Agent 14 would have been proud of all the hard work you have done since they disappeared. They would have been happy knowing you are making the same sacrifices they were glad to make.

Error Code 14

Ad with Error Code 14. Marking this occasion down for official files. Working on getting it fixed as soon as possible. Raises questions about how the footage from 14’s camera got into the Ad. Agent 1 said they will look into this and told the rest of us not to mess with anything.