96 Recovering

96 is recovering well. They are being sent to Hawaii in order to retire. However, we have collected some farewell messages for them.

“It has been a pleasure to work with 96 and their service has been valued greatly by me.”-Agent 1

“They brought a bright light and joy to everything they did. Work will be so much darker without them, but as always we won’t let the shadows creep in.”-Agent 5.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me 96. I will miss you, but know you have always wanted this beach trip.”-Agent 7.

“Farewell 96! Have a blast for the both of us!”-Agent 87.

“Being the newest agent here I didn’t get to know you too well 96, but you seemed like a great person.”-Agent 100.

“Bon voyage 96! Send me a picture of a turtle!”-Agent 39.

“Glad you’re better, even if it was your own fault you got into this mess.”-Agent 13.

Update From Our Leader

With 96’s condition, our Founder has decided to grace us with an update.

Please be sure to follow our Founder!