The End Is Near!

The test we performed with the new branch of the ASU has been a success and as a result, we are throwing a celebration to the end of our hard work. Meet us at midnight around the gateway. There will be free food and drinks! We thank you all for your hard work!

We Apologize!

We have no idea what happened at the end of the cheerful music that went along with our farewell message! Be assured Agent 1 is looking into it now. Until then remain calm.


In the months since we lost 96 to retirement, it has been hard for us all and now we must say goodbye to Agents 11, 37, 69, 30, 55, 56, and 59. They have been sent to a new branch of the ASU as promised. They have been sent to work in Barbuda. They send their best and hope you all don’t miss them too much.